Yoga with Sue

Yoga with Sue

The pupils in 5th and 6th classes are really enjoying their wonderful yoga classes with Sue every Thursday.

Here are the techniques the children are learning with Sue:

1.Relaxation grounding ( connecting to the physical body & earth) slowing the mind connection to sensations in the body enhancing a feeling of calm & becoming more settled.
2.Body scan Mediation is a great way to release tension that you did not even realise you were experiencing .
The goal is not to relieve pain completely but to know it & learn from it so you can better manage it .
Various breathing techniques ( To combat stress & anxiety & sleep problems )
Complete yoga breath
Nadi alternative nostril breathing
4.Yoga postures (asanas )
5.Yoga games
Improving strength flexibility & balance.
Yoga is a powerful mindful practice
Slow movement deep breathing increasing blood flow & warming the muscles building strength. Reducing stress lowers blood pressure .Yoga helps you to make healthier choices
6.EFT ( emotional freedom technique)
Tapping treatment for physical pain & emotional distress .
7.Affirmations for teens to help combat negative thinking embrace flaws
Helping to encourage & inspire .
8.Visualisations using mindful techniques to enhance mediation.
Using mental imagery & all the senses to motivate & focus to achieve goals threw out the day.
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