Parents' Association

The primary aims of the Association are:

  • To keep members informed about general issues affecting the school.
  • To represent the views of the parents of the children
  • To foster co-operation between the parents, teachers and school management
  • To organise fund raising events to help with the provision of extra equipment, teaching aids and facilities
  • To keep members informed about general issues affecting the school.

New parents are actively encouraged to join the Committee every year.

The Following are some of the things the Parents Association have contributed towards over the past number of years:

  • A New Maths Resource Room
  • Learning Support Equipment
  • A New Sports Kit
  • A New Lawnmower
  • Television
  • Video
  • Computer Room (Hardware & Software)
  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycle rack
  • And more………….

Some of the events & fundraisers the Parents Association have in the past:

  • Football Marathon,
  • Fancy Dress,
  • Sponsored Walk,
  • Christmas Card Competition,
  • Carol Singing
  • Christmas Raffle
  • Social Nights
  • Colouring Competitions
  • Easter Raffle
  • Along with teachers & parents, some members have taken part in the Women’s Mini Marathon.
  • Discos for the Children
  • 6 th Class Graduation
  • Open Days
  • Book fairs

Fund-raising activities by the Parents’ Association have enabled the school to provide extra facilities for students and parents.

Constitution of Queen of Angels Parents Association

Membership: All parents/guardians of children attending Queen of Angels primary school shall be deemed members of the Association.

Structure : A general meeting of the members shall be held each year. At this meeting a minimum of six members and a maximum of fifteen shall be elected to represent the parents. These will then form a committee from which a chairperson, secretary and treasure will be elected. Other officers may be elected as required.

Committee: The committee shall be made up of the members elected during the A.G.M. Co-option of members may be facilitated by a majority decision of the committee. Parents of past pupils of the school may be co-opted to the committee by a unanimous decision of a committee. If a member misses three consecutive meetings without a valid reason he/she shall be deemed to have resigned,

Finance : An account will be opened in the name ‘Queen of Angels Parents Association’. Accounts shall be prepared and presented annually for submission to the general meeting. In the event of the Association’s dissolution,power of attorney shall pass to the Board of Management with the proviso that the resources be disposed of at the discretion of the Board of Management for the benefit of the school.

Contact the Parents’ Association

If you think you might be interested in joining the committee or even helping out, or if you would like to find out more please come along on the night.

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