World Skills Ireland - 6th classes' trip to the RDS

World Skills Ireland - 6th classes' trip to the RDS

Make your passion your career!

World Skills Ireland 2022 is a partnership between enterprise, industry, education, training and government that raises the profile and recognition of skills and apprenticeships and prepares the talent of today for the careers of the future.
Believing that ‘skills drive the future’, World Skills know that choosing careers is one of the most important decisions a young person will make.

Worldskills Ireland facilitates an atmosphere of experimentation and discovery through competitions, interactive events and demonstrations. It is an event that will inspire the next generation of skilled young people to follow their passions, interests and talents for the securement of their own future, and of Ireland’s.

The 2 x 6th classes enjoyed a fantastic day out at this wonderful event. And the part they enjoyed the most was being able to bring home so many free items! Ms Hickey and Mr Price were very proud of how they represented the school at the RDS.

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