Time to Count

Time to Count

On March the 10th this year Ms. McTeague's 3rd Class were so incredibly lucky to begin ‘Time to Count’ maths sessions with volunteers from the ESB networks.

These volunteers very kindly gave time from their working day to facilitate the children from our school with this amazing initiative.

Using Chromebooks which were generously donated to our school from the ‘Time to Read’ programme last year, the children were able to work in five different groups and talk to the volunteers using the Google Classroom Platform.

Melanie Flynn has been such a wonderful support to our school in organising this programme, from setting up the Google Classroom sessions to providing the children with free resources we feel so lucky to have been chosen for the ‘Time to Count’ sessions.

‘Time to Count’ enables children to learn maths skills through fun games and activities. Children are given the chance to work in groups and acquire new techniques and problem-solving skills.

Before the main sessions began Melanie facilitated a launch questions and answers session where the

volunteers had the chance to get to know the children from the class. This made the first session flow so easily as the children and volunteers had built such a great connection. The class were eager and ready to learn and participate in all the different games and activities.

Feedback from the children in the class and teachers in the school has been amazing.

The children love ‘Time to Count’ so much and we feel so happy and thankful to involved in such a wonderful programme such as this.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers and to Melanie for organising ‘Time to Count’.

We are already excited about next weeks’ session!

Ms Hannigan

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Co. Dublin,

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