Senior Infants Work, April 27th


Dear Parents.

Hope you are keeping well. We have set up email addresses so parents can send us pictures of the children’s work. We can then send comments back. It will be a nice way of communicating with the children. Please ensure that pictures of work and not the children are sent. Emails can only be sent by parents. We have updated the scheme of work for this week. It is not compulsory to finish all activities it is merely a guide. Keep safe!

Kind Regards,

S.Mc Adam and B.Fallon


English Reading

  • You can set up an account for free at
  • Click into the Oxford Tree Readers
  • Filter to ages 4-5
  • Work away at your child’s pace and work up through the levels.

New Sound: ‘y’

  • Examples: bossy, cheeky, noisy, fancy, bouncy, messy etc
  • Draw pictures of these words.
  • Match the words to the pictures you have drawn.
  • Complete relevant pages in phonics books.

Tricky Words

  • Saw, put, could, should, would, right, two, flour, goes, does, made and their.
  • Put these words into sentences.
  • Find these words in books or magazines.
  • Write out each tricky word on a piece of paper and place on the floor, call a word and your child must throw a ball at it.
  • Call out a number and your child tells you what word it is.
  • Call out a word and your child tells you what number it is.


  • Write out the news.
  • Write a list of jokes.
  • Write a poem.
  • Complete 5 pages of your handwriting book.
  • Remember that letters don’t float they stay on the line.
  • Always use a finger space between words
  • Remember ladder letters to the top of the line and tail letters go below the line.

Additional Literacy and Social Activities

  • Make letters from play doh or lego.
  • Put flour on a baking tray and trace letters.
  • Circle or highlight any tricky words you can find in the newspaper or in a magazine.
  • Start with Capital A and write out all the capital letters.
  • Set the table for dinner.
  • Tidy your clothes in your wardrobe and drawers.
  • Write a letter or an email to a friend.
  • Write 10 tips to keep yourself safe from the coronavirus.
  • Draw a poster commending our frontline workers.


  • Revise days of the week, months of the year and seasons.
  • Revise the formation of numbers 1-10.
  • Complete simple addition of two and three numbers.
  • Count in two’s to 20, forward and backwards.


  • Practise adding two and three numbers
  • Use materials
  • Use fingers
  • Adding horizontally, P54
  • Practising prepositions play instruction games to ensure the children understand the meaning of the following words, below, above, near, far, under, left, right and behind.P53


  • Mothers and their babies P34
  • Animal habitats P39


  • Collect stones from your garden or from the park and paint them.
  • Draw a picture of your favourite animal.

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