Senior Infants Work, 4th of May


Dear Parents,

I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the fine weather. Ms. Fallon and I were delighted to receive emails of the children’s work. It was great to be able to correspond with the children and send them feedback on all their hard work! Well done to you all!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Mc Adam and Ms. Fallon

English Reading

  • You can set up an account for free at
  • Click into the Oxford Tree Readers
  • Filter to ages 4-5
  • Work away at your child’s pace and work up through the levels.

New Sound: ‘ck’

  • Examples: Jack, trick, duck, tick, sick etc
  • Draw pictures of these words.
  • Match the words to the pictures you have drawn.
  • Complete relevant pages in phonics books.

Tricky Words

  • Saw, put, could, should, would, right, two, flour, goes, does, made and their.
  • Put these words into sentences.
  • Find these words in books or magazines.
  • Write out each tricky word on a piece of paper and place on the floor, call a word and your child must throw a ball at it.
  • Call out a number and your child tells you what word it is.
  • Call out a word and your child tells you what number it is.


  • Write out the news.
  • Write a poem.
  • Complete 5 pages of your handwriting book.
  • Remember that letters don’t float they stay on the line.
  • Always use a finger space between words
  • Remember ladder letters to the top of the line and tail letters go below the line.

Poem to learn, write out and decorate

Poem to learn, write out and decorate

May is the month

Of Sunshine and flowers

Birds in their nests

And one or two showers

Games to play

And kites to fly

Or just looking at the sky

You could spend the year this way

If the year was made of May.

Unscramble the following sentences

  • big That is web. a
  • for boy a The run. went
  • dog is The at the vet.
  • red Here is pen. a

Additional Literacy and Social Activities

  • Make letters from play doh or lego.
  • Put flour on a baking tray and trace letters.
  • Circle or highlight any tricky words you can find in the newspaper or in a magazine.
  • Write a name, place and animal for as many capital letters as you can.
  • Set the table for dinner.
  • Write a letter or an email to a friend.
  • Write out a menu for your dinner.
  • Write out place names for the dinner table.
  • Do egg and spoon races using a potato
  • Play hopscotch using chalk
  • Write a Summer poem


  • Revise days of the week, months of the year and seasons.
  • Revise the formation of numbers 1-10.
  • Complete simple addition of two and three numbers.
  • Count in two’s to 20, forward and backwards.


  • Discuss and explain the concept of subtraction.
  • Explore words such as less, greater, fewer, minus, subtract and take away.
  • Begin by doing activities with materials P65, P66
  • Lots of sums can be done using fingers.
  • Always start with the bigger amount when subtracting.
  • When your child has a good understanding of subtraction,

introduce the symbol for subtraction ( -)

  • Write out simple sums for your child to complete.


  • Discuss the topic of Summer.
  • What you see, hear and smell during the Summer months.
  • Summer flowers, summer fruits, birds, trees and so on.
  • Go on a Summer trail and look out for the following summer signs of

daisies, buttercups, tadpoles, butterflies and leaves on trees etc.

  • Complete P52/P53 in the workbook.
  • Mini Beast Hunt and identification P56/P57
  • Dream of a place you would like to visit P59


  • Draw a nice colourful Summer picture.


  • Listen and respond to the song ‘Here comes the Sun’ by the Beatles(
  • Draw a picture of what you see when you listen to the lyrics.
  • Create a dance for the song with plenty of actions!

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