Nurture Room: Summer is here!


Good afternoon,

I hope you are all well.

While we have been in lockdown, we have been moving through the seasons.

We entered into lockdown in the Spring and now we have moved into Summer.

The sun in high in the sky. The days are warmer and longer.

There are 4 seasons in the year where we live, in Ireland. Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

Which is your favourite season and why? Maybe write down why you like a particular season, and dont like another...

Wide Lined.pdf

We have seasons because the Earth is tilted towards the sun, at an angle. Throughout the year the Earth moves around the sun in a big arc. In the Summer, our part of the planet is tilted towards the sun. But in the Winter, we are tilted away from the sun.

Below, I have listed a video and a variety of work on the Seasons and on summer which you can do.

1) Watch this video, which explains why we have seasons:

2) Try and complete this worksheet on the seasons:


3) Try to cut out and stick the months in the correct order:


4) Now that summer has arrived, can you write down the things that you see around you in the summertime…


5) Try a wordsearch based on the theme summer:


6) Can you read these stories and answer the questions that follow please?


7) How about designing your own Summer hat, flip flops and sunglasses: draw the design in pencil and then please colour:




8) Finally, why not relax now and do some mindful colouring based on the theme of Summer.


Please do as much of this work as you can. But do not worry if you do not complete everything,

You can send any completed work to me at

Have a lovely Summer holiday & I look forward to seeing you in September!

Mr Mac.

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