Intercultural Day 2021 Letter to Parents/Guardians

Intercultural Day 2021 Letter to Parents/Guardians

Queen of Angels

Intercultural day, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

This year we are having our Intercultural Dayon Thursday, June 3rd. This is a very important day in our school calendar. We value the many different cultures and nationalities that make up our school community and want to showcase them on this special day.

All the classes have been working very hard these past few weeks getting projects and art work ready based on the country which they have chosen. These will be displayed in the hall over the next few weeks.

We are asking all the pupils to come dressed in their traditional costumes, or in their country’s sports jerseys, or even dressed in the colours of their country’s flag next Thursday, June 3rd. We will have our customary Intercultural parade which will take place in the junior block sometime in the morning. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions we will be unable to ask the parents to join our parade this year and each class will stay in their own pods. There will be no mixing of nationalities or classes.

Sadly, also, we will be unable to have our usual array of food stalls in the hall showcasing the cuisine from so many different countries. But the children will be treated to some lovely treats on the day!

We would kindly ask, if possible, if the children’s grandparents or relatives living abroad could send a postcard to them as we would love to display these in the hall also.

We are asking for each child/family to donate €2 to support the people of India who are going through a devastating second wave of Covid-19. This money will go towards much needed medical supplies.

Looking forward to a great day!

Kind regards,

Josie McTeague (HSCL)

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