Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter


Autumn Newsletter

Welcome back to our new school year. We are hoping for another busy and exciting year ahead at QoA. A very warm welcome to all our new students in Junior Infants and throughout our school. We also welcome new and returning teachers and SNAs to our staff, Ms. Elaine Naughton, Ms Ciara Downes, Mr Daniel McManus, Ms Aoibheann Malone, Ms Kathy Cosgrove and Ms Amanda Doyle.

We have great plans for exciting projects this year following on from all our success and awards last year. Watch out for news and events throughout the year including the launch of our new school website. We have already taken part in a GAA tournament with thanks to Mr. O’Connor and Mr McManus and a rugby blitz run by Leinster Rugby.

With such a positive and successful school year last year both academically, artistically and in sports we have many more great plans for exciting projects this year. Watch out for news and events throughout the year via newsletters, texts and our website ( Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

It is of the utmost importance that all medical information is complete and up to date. It is essential that we are informed of any allergies, medical conditions or illnesses so as to best look after all the pupils in the school.

Should your child fall in the yard at lunchtime, if necessary, we will administer a plaster. If your child has any issues regarding plasters please let the front office know immediately so this can be written on their file.

In order to ensure your child has a great year and gains the maximum benefit from his/her time in school please take note of the reminders below:-

Punctuality: School starts at 8.50 am. Please ensure that your child is at school by this time and ready to start the day. It is upsetting for children who arrive late at school as they have not had a chance to socialise with their friends before the work of the day starts and instead of easing themselves into their school routines they are rushing to catch up. It is also disruptive to the rest of the class to have their work delayed or disturbed as late arrivals enter the classroom. We do not provide supervision in the school yard until 8.40 am every morning. Therefore, no child should be left in school without parental supervision before this time as they are not insured to be on the grounds unless they are attending Breakfast Club whichruns each morning from 8.20 to 8.40.

Contacts: Please ensure we have your most up to date mobile phone numbers in order that you will receive all our texts or in case of emergency. All alternative emergency numbers should also be up to date.

Uniform: Our school uniform establishes our identity and sense of belonging to our school. Full school uniform, or full school tracksuit on PE days, is expected to be worn at all times. We would urge you label all your childs school clothes, especially jumpers, cardigans and tracksuit tops as they get so easily mixed up.

Activities and sport: Our sports teams have already been training and playing hard. Many thanks to all of our teachers and coaches who have been giving up their free time to train and accompany teams to matches. After school activities have also begun on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that you collect your children at the appointed time after matches/training/activities and do not keep the teachers waiting for you.

Meetings with teachers

Your involvement in your childs education is of the utmost importance and we encourage maximum parental involvement at all times. Our teachers are always available to discuss your Childs progress and any worries you may have. However, we ask that you make an appointment to do so, as our teachers cannot talk to you during the school day when they should be teaching your children. Please send a note in your childs homework journal or call the office to request a meeting or a chat with your childs teacher. We can organise a phone call back or a meeting if required. We would also like to remind you that all visitors to our school, including parents and family members, must sign in at the front office as there is no access to the classroom blocks unless you are accompanied. This is for security reasons and for your children’s safety.

Ms Donegan and Ms McTeague are also available at a mutually agreed time, to meet with you to discuss ay other matters. Watch out for notes and texts from Ms McTeague about events and parent activities being organised.


There are 183 days in every primary school year. Every one of these days are vitally important for your childs learning. Every day we build on the skills learnt the day before as we lead your children through the primary school curriculum. When your child misses a day at school he/she misses out on learning some of these skills and has to try to catch up. The more days your child misses the more catching up he/she has to do. We, therefore, urge you to ensure that, unless absolutely necessary, your child attends school every day in order to give him/her the best possible chance to learn and progress and reach his/her potential.


Please ensure that your child has all books/copies/pencils/pens etc needed for his/her work. It can be very disruptive to your childs work as well as being very upsetting for your child to be without something he/she needs. Please check your childs school bag after homework is finished each night to ensure that all books/copies etc are in his/her bag and that you receive all letters and notes sent home from school.

Please also make sure that all your Childs books, copies, lunch containers and other belongings are also clearly labelled with your child’s bane.

Healthy lunches

Please ensure that your child has a healthy, nutritious lunch every day. Food such as junk food, sweets, crisp, fizzy drinks and chewing gum are not allowed in school.

We provide a fruit break free of charge three days a week when your child can sample different fruit. Please encourage your child to try and eat this fruit – it is good for them!

Unfortunately, due to the number of children in the school who have severe allergic reactions to different foods, we are unable to accept birthday cakes/treats in the class. We would also ask that birthday invitations/goody bags not be sent into school as it can cause distress to children who are unable to provide this on their own birthdays.

Morning routines

Please sure that your child has a nourishing breakfast before school. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets your child up for the days’ work ahead. Children who have a good breakfast can generally concentrate better at school and get more out of their day.

We would urge you also to ensure that your older children are not purchasing fast food and/or junk food in the local shops before school. This type of food does not provide the nourishment needed for the day ahead and we cannot take responsibility for children allowed to go the shop before school with their parents/guardians’ consent. Some children are crossing the road to the shop without going to the pedestrian crossing. This poses a danger to them as they are running across in front of cars at a very busy junction. We have traffic wardens at two crossings beside the school. There is no supervision for your children outside of the school gates before they come to school. Therefore, in the interest of your children’s safety we urge you not to give your children money or permission to go to the shop before school. It is every parents’ responsibility to look after your child/children until they are supervised in the school yard from 8.40 am. No child is allowed to leave the school premises after arrival to go to the shop. If you give your chid permission, he/she must go before coming into the school grounds.

We wish to advise that for health and safety reasons we must request that all parents leave the school grounds for the duration of the school day. The Parents Room is available for all parents who wish to wait for the older pupils between 1.30 and 2.30.


Homework is an important part of a childs education. It helps consolidate work done at school, helps your child to develop organisational skills and work independently. It also helps your child develop study skills in preparation for secondary school and provides a vital link between home and school as you keep track of your childs progress. Please ensure your childs homework is completed satisfactorily every day. Please also ensure that your read with/hear your child read every day, in order to build up skills and confidence.

Lining up

All children assemble in the morning in their class lines. Class teachers collect the children at these points and lead them in to their rooms. Please do not accompany your child into the building as they can be upsetting for the children whose parents have said goodbye to them outside. Should you wish to meet with the class teacher please make an appointment at a mutually convenient time. It is not possible for the class teachers to have prolonged discussions at the classroom door as this leaves the children without proper supervision and takes from their instruction time.


In order to comply with Irish Law and to protect the health of your children, smoking is strictly prohibited in the school buildings and grounds at any time before, during or after school.

Our Parents Room

Our Parents Room is available for you to have tea/coffee and a chat with your friends whilst you are waiting to collect your child in the afternoon. When collecting infants from the Junior Block on rainy days you are, of course, welcome to wait in the assembly area of the Junior Block but please be mindful that there are classes continuing to work until 2.30. For this reason, we would ask you not to chat immediately outside the classrooms as this can disrupt the work going on inside. Should you wish to remain in the Parents Room to collect another child at 2.30 pm you are more than welcome but any child waiting with you must remain in the Parents Room with you and under your supervision. Children already collected cannot return into the blocks or play out of sight of the adult who collected them.

School Car Park

Please observe the sign at the school gate stating that the school car park is for staff use only. Our car parking spaces are very limited therefore, it is not possible to provide spaces for parents/guardians/visitors. Please use the shopping centre car park when driving your children to and from school. Our traffic warden will assist your child to cross over to the school.

Body piercings

For health and safety reasons (especially during playtime and PE) no facial piercings in the nose, tongue, lip, eyebrow or any other part of the face is allowed. If your child has a piercing in one of these places already he/she is not allowed to wear a stud, ring or any piece of jewellery in the piercing during school time. Ear piercings in the ear lobe is allowed, but, again for health and safety reasons, only small studs should be worn to school. Hoops, large decorative earrings and drop down/long earrings are not safe to wear in school and are not allowed.

Books and extra requirements

Thank you to everyone who has paid to date for books and extra requirements (art and craft, computers, photocopying etc). Please contact the front office immediately in relation to payment if you have not already done so. Should you need to speak to Ms McTeague or Ms Donegan privately in relation to working out a payment plan please do not hesitate to do so. Just call for an appointment.

Sacramental Calendar 2019/2020

First Holy Communion

Thursday 26th March 2020 – First Confession – 7pm

Saturday 23rd May 2020 – First Holy Communion – 12 noon


Wednesday 11th December 2019 – Ceremony of Light – 7pm

Sunday 22th March 2020 – Breath of Life Ceremony – 10am

Thursday 7th May 2020 – Confirmation – 11am (Provisional – pending confirmation of date from the Archdiocese)

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