5th Class

11th-15th May

5th Class Work

11th-15th May 2020

Hi 5th class,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy. I know the restrictions are not getting any easier to live with but we will be so thankful we stuck it out when were all back in school in September! Below is your assigned work for this week. Remember, these are all suggested activities for the week. There is no pressure on parents or students to have everything on this document completed. Just do your best to do a little bit each week.

All worksheets and power points are on this Padlet link: https://padlet.com/emmakaneteacher/o5friez0vfihsl35

You do not have to print anything off. Any sums or questions can be written into your copies.

Don’t forget to tune into the Home School Hub every day from (11am-12pm)! There are follow on activities for each day that you can use to further your learning from each episode.

My school e-mail is funfitnessqoa@gmail.com. Your parents/guardians can contact me using that e-mail address with any questions at all. If you would like any work corrected, you can send an attachment as a typed document or a photo of your work to me and I will correct it as soon as possible. Again, this might not be possible for you all, so this is optional for you. Please don’t feel any pressure coming from me to get through all your work as I am sure you are learning loads from this experience outside of this work also. Also, you do not have to e-mail me all your work. Just any work that you are not sure of and would like me to correct.

Remember 5th class to plan out your work for each day of the week. This is a great way to practice independent learning for when you are in secondary school!


RTÉ Home School Hub Topic (5th class)

Individual Activity

Monday 11th May


Watch RTÉ Home School Hub for lesson. Write 5 news things you learned about Diabetes.

Tuesday 12th May


Watch RTÉ Home School Hub for explanation.

Try to make your own clinometer using the guidelines on the Padlet link. Try using it and filling in the grid.

Wednesday 13th May


‘She Moved Through the Fair’ (imagery).

Watch RTÉ School Hub lesson.

Read poem ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ on Padlet link. Go through each stanza (verse in poetry) line by line and figure out what he is trying to say. If there is a word you don’t know, use your dictionary and context in the sentence to figure out what it might mean in the poem. I would like you to draw or create something based on an image from the poem. Write one copy page on the image you have drawn from the poem and what sort of image it created in your head.

Thursday 14th May


Watch lesson on RTÉ Home School Hub.

Create your own stamp!

Friday 15th May

Gaeilge-An Teach

Watch lesson on RTÉ Home School Hub.

Try the reading comprehension on page 80-81 in Bun Go Bar. There is a power point of me reading and translating the text and questions.

Try the questions attached. I explain and translate them also.


  • English in Practice: 1 day per day. Continue with daily exercises. (5 days completed by Friday)
  • Spelling Workbook: Complete next spelling list and workbook pages for it. Write each word into 1 sentence.

4 extra spellings: bright, dictionary, although, consonant. Write each word into sentences also.

  • Story: Use the character profile worksheet on Padlet to plan out your main character/main characters in your story. Focus on descriptive words.
  • Please complete one page of handwriting in your workbook each day.
  • If you are one of the children in the class who does not write in cursive (I have told you if you don’t) then I would like you to practice your handwriting by writing out the poem ‘I'm Wrestling with an Octopus’ on page 13 in your Better English book.
  • Reading Comprehension: Cloth Face Masks . There is a document on the Padlet link that has 3 different reading comprehensions in it. Each one has the same information in it but the reading and the questions get more difficult in each one. Please complete one of these reading comprehensions. You will have to decide which is the right level for you. Remember the 5 finger rule: if you read a page and don’t know 5 or more words, then it is too difficult for you. However, if you read a page and you know every word, it is too easy for you. The answers are at the bottom of each reading comprehension so you can correct your own work.


  • Learn ‘ar’:
  • Ar is the Irish preposition for 'on'. In Irish when we are using this preposition alongside a pronoun (e.g. 'on me') we change the word to the list below. For example: I put my coat on me-> Cuirim mo chóta orm (ar+mé). I put your coat on you-> Cuirim do chóta ort (ar+tú).




On me



On you



On him



On her



On us



On youse



On them

  • Complete questions on page 84 of Bun Go Barr. There is a slide on the reading comprehension power point that translates and explains the questions.


  • Topic: Long Division

Aim for this week: to practice estimating and calculating division sums using long division.

CJ Fallon have allowed all parents and teachers to access their online tutorials for free. There is a video explaining the long division method using the below link. Tutorial 32 will remind you how to do long division. Please use the Busy at Maths online book and complete all questions on page 43.

To access this content go to this link: https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources. Click Primary-> 5th class-> maths-> Busy at Maths-> Busy at Maths 5th Class

This will give you links to access the full Busy at Maths workbook as well as numbered online tutorials. You need to look at Tutorial 32. You also need page 43 in the online workbook.

  • Mental Maths: Complete 1 day per day (have next 5 days completed by Friday).
  • Tables: Keep practicing all your tables. Try and get quicker at answering your tables. Set yourself speed targets.

If you don’t usually do the same Maths as the rest of the class: Division

  • Page 38-41 Busy At Maths 4th Class Online book.

Follow this link: https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources

Click Primary-> 4th class-> maths-> Busy at Maths-> Busy at Maths 4th Class

Access the tutorial 25-28 and watch the tutorial for the corresponding page as marked in the list on the website. Then complete the corresponding workbook page from pages 38-41. This is recapping different division methods. Over the coming weeks you will be focusing on mastering the short division method to start on long division. You need to know your table really well to help you with this so please keep practicing your multiplication tables as often as you can.


  • History: Ireland during World War 2. Power point on Padlet link. Read through slides and answer the 6 questions on the last slide. See 2 images on the Padlet link for examples of an old ration book.
  • Geography: The Earth at Work page 93-99. Answer Questions 1-10 on page 97.
  • Science: After reading the Geography chapter, use the Padlet link and find an experiment on how to create your own volcano. Make sure you do this with parent/guardian supervision please!

Drama: Continue practicing your scences for the musical. You will hopefully do your musical next year instead of this year. Try one of these fun scripts with anyone at home! http://www.teachingheart.net/readerstheater.htm


Go Noodle: parents/guardians can sign up for Go Noodle for free here. It has a range of workout videos, yoga, mindfulness and lots more. It is very important that we stay as active as we can during these strange times. Hopefully this link helps with that! https://www.gonoodle.com/good-energy-at-home-kids-games-and-videos/

Remember, you have a homework journal. Use your homework journal to plan out what you are going to do each day. Independent learning is not easy. However, you will be so happy for this practice when you are in secondary school. I know we are all sharing computers with siblings, parents and guardians. So, there is no pressure to complete all activities. Remember, try to complete something each day to make it easier for you to come back to school when we all return in September. Also Parents, thank you for your continuous support during these strange times. I really appreciate any work that you guide your children through and remember that even ten minutes in a day is better than 0 minutes in the day, so thank you. Please remember to stay safe and stay home.

Ms Kane.

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