5th Class

27th April-1st May 2020

5th Class Work

27th April-1st May 2020

Hi 5th class,

I hope you’re all still doing well. Below is the work for this week.

All worksheets and power points are on this Padlet link: https://padlet.com/emmakaneteacher/o5friez0vfihsl35

You do not have to print anything off. Any sums or questions can be written into your copies.

Don’t forget to tune into the Home School Hub every day from (11am-12pm)! Let’s make use of all the great home-learning opportunities that are available to us! Unfortunately, they have not uploaded the timetable for this week, so I do not have any activities to link with each day’s episode. But parents can access lots of different activities to link up with the RTÉ topics on Twinkl if they wish (https://www.twinkl.ie/search?term=)

As usual, you do not have to complete all activities on this sheet. Just try and get whatever you can done! My school e-mail is funfitnessqoa@gmail.com. Your parents/guardians can contact me using that e-mail address with any questions at all. If you would like any work corrected, you can send an attachment as a typed document or a photo of your work to me and I will correct it as soon as possible. Again, this might not be possible for you all, so this is optional for you. Please don’t feel any pressure coming from me to get through all your work as I am sure you are learning loads from this experience outside of this work also.

To the parents, thank you for your co-operation during these very stressful times. Please know that I understand the pressure that you are all under between looking after your children during a lockdown as well as working from home. Please remember that anything you do with your child this week is valuable, even if it is not from this list of work.

Remember 5th class to plan out your work for each day of the week. This is a great way to practice independent learning for when you are in secondary school!


  • English in Practice: 1 day per day. Continue with daily exercises. (5 days completed by Friday)
  • Spelling Workbook: Complete next spelling list and workbook pages for it. Write each word into 1 sentence.

4 extra spellings: century, everything, phrase, laughed. Write each word into sentences also.

  • Grammar topic: ‘i before e except after c’. This is a rule that I am sure you have been introduced to before, however it is still a common and easy mistake to make. There is a power point on the Padlet link shared above. It explains the rule more in-depth and has exercises. Complete the worksheet on the Padlet link to further practice your spellings.
  • Fix the sentences-worksheet on Padlet.
  • Come up with an idea for a story. There will be an activity to write the story in parts each week. Just write down the idea for your story in a few sentences.
  • Please complete one page of handwriting in your workbook each day.


  • New Irish verbs: Learn and write in copy 5 times each (write once each day).

Tar-to come

Tabhair-to give

Tagaim- I come
Tagann tú-you come
Tagann sé-he comes
Tagann sí-she comes
Tagaimid-we come
Tagann sibh-you (pl) come
Tagann said-they come
Ní thagaim-I do not come
An dtagann tú?-do you come?

Tugaim- I give
Tugann tú-you give
Tugann sé-he gives
Tugann sí- she gives
Tugaimid-we give
Tugann sibh-you (pl) give
Tugann said-they give
Ní thugaim-I do not give
Ar thugann tú?-do you give?

  • Power point ‘E-Leathanach 347’. 2 stories from the news on a power point. If you click the speaker you will hear me reading the stories and translating them. There are 3 questions for each story to answer. If you would like me to correct these, you can e-mail me your answers. You are all well able to answer the questions without me!
  • There is a #fansabhaile (#stay at home) poster that you can design and put up on your windows for any passersby to see to remind them to fan sa bhaile!


  • Topic: Lines and Angles.

Aim for this week: -Learn to use a protractor.

-Identify and draw an acute angle, right angle. Obtuse angle, straight angel, reflex angle, full rotation and no angle.

-Measure angles using a protractor.

Look at the Lines and Angles Flashcards to familiarise yourself with the different types of angles. Then practice measuring and drawing angles using a protractor using the worksheets on the padlet link.

  • Mental Maths: Complete 1 day per day (have next 5 days completed by Friday).
  • Tables: Keep practicing all your tables. Try and get quicker at answering your tables. Set yourself speed targets.


  • History: Rosa Parks
  • Geography: Tourism
  • Science: Flowers

Choose one of the above SESE topics and make a project on it. I would love to see some of your projects! So if you finish yours, your parent/guardian can e-mail me a photo of it!

Art: Construction

Use scissors (With a parent/guardian present) to cut up egg cartons to make different faces. Glue the pieces together. You can also follow Artzone’s weekly art classes here: https://www.artzone.ie/art-classes-dublin/artzone-live/ and on their Instagram page. Also, Don Conroy does weekly drawing classes also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1YV_Y6dQUk Try out his cartoon tiger drawing!

Drama: Continue learning your lines for the musical. Try one of these fun scripts with anyone at home! http://www.teachingheart.net/readerstheater.htm


Go Noodle: parents/guardians can sign up for Go Noodle for free here. It has a range of workout videos, yoga, mindfulness and lots more. It is very important that we stay as active as we can during these strange times. Hopefully this link helps with that! https://www.gonoodle.com/good-energy-at-home-kids-games-and-videos/

I would also like you all to post a message to this new padlet link to share how you all are during these strange times. Why don’t you all post what you have been up to during the lockdown to keep yourselves busy? The link is here: https://padlet.com/emmakaneteacher/m4t68hjci5rv1tlq

Remember, you have a homework journal. Use your homework journal to plan out what you are going to do each day. Independent learning is not easy. However, you will be so happy for this practice when you are in secondary school. I know we are all sharing computers with siblings, parents and guardians. So, there is no pressure to complete all activities. Remember, try to complete something each day to make it easier for you to come back to school when we all return. Please remember to stay safe and stay home.

Ms Kane.

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