5th Class

15th-26th June

5th Class Work

15th-26th June 2020

Hi 5th class,

I hope you’re all still doing well. Below is the work for the last two weeks. As we are heading into the summer holidays, there is less academic work set for the last two weeks of school. You have all put in such an amazing effort over the last few months. You should be very proud of yourselves. Please do not feel any pressure to get all the work done over the next two weeks. Just whatever you can! Enjoy!

All worksheets and power points are on this Padlet link: https://padlet.com/emmakaneteacher/o5friez0vfihsl35

You do not have to print anything off. Any sums or questions can be written into your copies.

Note for parents/guardians: report card collection for 5th class is on Thursday 18th June 2020 at 10am. Book lists for 6th class are on the website.

Note for students and parents: please do not post messages on the Padlet links.

Don’t forget to tune into the Home School Hub every day from (11am-12pm).

My school e-mail is funfitnessqoa@gmail.com. Your parents/guardians can contact me using that e-mail address with any questions at all.

RTÉ Home School Hub and activities:


RTÉ Home School Hub Topic (5th class)

Individual Activity

Monday 15th June


Watch RTÉ Home School Hub lesson.

Try spotting constellations in the night sky on a clear night.

See how much you remember from Geography throughout the year and see how many questions you can answer in the quiz on page 108 and 109 in your Geography book.

Tuesday 16th June


Watch RTÉ Home School Hub lesson and learn about the impact physical force can have on materials.

Try making your own butter at home using the experiment on the Padlet link.

Wednesday 17th June

Music-bouncing balls

Watch lesson on RTÉ Home School Hub.

Thursday 18th June

Science-Life cycle of salmon

Science (Life cycle of Salmon)

Watch the RTÉ Home School Hub lesson and write 5 new facts that you learn about the Salmon of Knowledge.

Friday 19th June


Watch the RTÉ Home School Hub lesson and make swallows.


  • English in Practice: 1 day per day. Continue with daily exercises. (5 days completed by Friday)
  • Spelling Workbook: Complete next spelling list and workbook pages for it. Write each word into 1 sentence.
  • Please complete one page of handwriting in your workbook each day.
  • If you are one of the children in the class who does not write in cursive (I have told you if you don’t) then I would like you to practice your handwriting by writing out the text in one of your handwriting books in non-cursive handwriting.
  • Reading: try out the Summer Reading Bingo chart on the Padlet link for ideas on different ways to read and different ideas for books. Read a book and write a book report using the template on the Padlet link. You do not have to print the page out. It can be used to structure your writing. Read the blurb at the back of your book and look at the front cover and write 1 copy page, predicting what you think will happen in the story.


  • Recap the rules for the aimsir chaite (past tense) and the aimsir láithreach (present tense). Go over your previously learnt verbs and pronouns.


For the last 3 weeks of school we are going to be recapping previous topics that we covered in the first term of 5th class to try and remember the different strategies. This week’s topic is averages.

Follow this link: https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources

Click Primary-> 5th class-> maths-> Busy at Maths-> Busy at Maths 5th Class

  • Topic: Fractions: Page 19-22 Busy at Maths Online SHADOW book
  • Mental Maths: Complete 1 day per day.
  • Tables: Keep practicing all your tables. Try and get quicker at answering your tables. Set yourself speed targets.

If you do different maths to the rest of the class, you can choose a topic that you still struggle with and try some questions from that chapter using the same book! Practice makes perfect!


  • History: choose a black person from the past or present and research and write about them. For example: Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Barack/Michelle Obama.

Art: Outdoor Art: over the month of June you can try out one or two of the different outdoor art options on the Padlet link. If you have access to a printer you can print it out and colour in each activity you do. Enjoy!

Drama: Continue learning your lines for the musical. Try one of these fun scripts with anyone at home! http://www.teachingheart.net/readerstheater.htm

Virtual Sports Day:

Try out our virtual sports day on the following Padlet link. Find your class group and try out as many or as few as you would like! You will find all activities using the following link: https://padlet.com/MsDuignanMsHannigan/quafmh5ra0b8d2c0

Virtual School Tours:

There are a number of options for virtual school tours using this link: https://msfordesclassroom.blogspot.com/2020/05/

You could choose one you are interested in and the whole family can participate.

This work can be completed over the last 2 weeks of school. Thank you to both my 5th class students and your parents and guardians for co-operating with me in your virtual learning experience. I know it has not been easy, but any effort that was made is so valuable to you. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you all safe and sound when you return to Queen of Angels as sixth class students with lots of news to share with your classmates in September. Have a wonderful summer, and remember to stay safe!

From your very proud teacher,

Ms Kane

Queen of Angels Primary School,
Dublin 16,
Co. Dublin,

01 2955 483

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