5th Class

8th-12th June

5th Class Work

8th-12th June 2020

Hi 5th class,

I hope you’re all still doing well. Below is the work for this week.

All worksheets and power points are on this Padlet link: https://padlet.com/emmakaneteacher/hwslvjo5ydc2hvue

You do not have to print anything off. Any sums or questions can be written into your copies.

Note for parents/guardians: please drop any shared books that belong to the school on Wednesday 10th June from 11-12pm. Please place the books in a plastic bag, tied shut with your child’s name and ‘5th class’ written on front. The following books are shared books that must be returned to the school. If you have more than one child attending the school with books to return, you can return ALL their books at the allotted time for your eldest child.

For example: if you have two children, one in 5th class and the other in 1st class. You can return BOTH CHILDREN’S BOOKS at the 5th class allotted time (10th June 11-12pm).

5th class shared books:

  • Mathemagic
  • Better English
  • Bun go Barr
  • Window on the World: Science
  • Window on the World: Geography
  • Window on the World: History
  • Up and Running
  • Library books.

Don’t forget to tune into the Home School Hub every day from (11am-12pm).

As usual, you do not have to complete all activities on this sheet. Just try and get whatever you can done! My school e-mail is funfitnessqoa@gmail.com. Your parents/guardians can contact me using that e-mail address with any questions at all.

RTÉ Home School Hub and activities:


RTÉ Home School Hub Topic (5th class)

Individual Activity

Monday 8th June

Music-Cup song

Watch RTÉ Home School Hub lesson and learn the cup song.

Tuesday 9th June


Watch RTÉ Home School Hub lesson and learn about the respiratory system.

Read page 48-51 in your Science book. Write 5 new things that you have learned about the respiratory system in your SESE copy. *Remember this book must be returned to the school tomorrow so try and complete this activity before Wednesday if you can!

Wednesday 10th June


Watch RTÉ Home School Hub lesson.

Choose another country to research how they became more connected to the rest of the world throughout history. E.g. Spain-when was the first telecommunications centre opened? How did they visit other countries, etc. If you or any of your family and friends are from another country, you could choose that country to do your project on!

Thursday 11th June


Watch lesson on RTÉ Home School Hub.

Múinteoir Clíona will show you how to make your own clay and how to make a pot. Enjoy!

Friday 12th June

P.E.-Line dancing

Watch the RTÉ Home School Hub and get moving!


  • English in Practice: 1 day per day. Continue with daily exercises. (5 days completed by Friday)
  • Spelling Workbook: Complete next spelling list and workbook pages for it. Write each word into 1 sentence.

4 extra spellings: experiment, decimal, practice, straight. Write each word into sentences also.

  • Grammar topic: Dictation. Ask someone to read the sentences on the Padlet link without showing you them. You are to write them with the correct punctuation, capital letters and spelling. This can be difficult at first but is a great skill to develop with practice.
  • Please complete one page of handwriting in your workbook each day.
  • If you are one of the children in the class who does not write in cursive (I have told you if you don’t) then I would like you to practice your handwriting by writing out the last paragraph on page 48 of your Science book. (Words: ‘When we breath’->‘germs and dust.’)
  • Reading: I have uploaded 2 documents: ‘Reading Comprehension Skills Challenge Cards’ and ‘Reading Comprehension Skills Challenge Cards with Sentence Starters.’ I would like you to complete the last 2 challenge cards (‘Baking a Cake’ and ‘The Mystery of the Poet Thief’)

Each of these challenge cards are asking you questions based on different types of answers. If you struggle with forming full sentences when answering reading comprehensions, you can use the ‘Reading Comprehension Skills Challenge Cards with Sentence Starters.’ This will give you a start to your answers. The answers are below each set of questions so you can check if you are correct. Don’t forget to use CUPS to self-correct all your written work.

  • Writing: Last week you started report writing. I would like you to write a report on a topic in science that interests you. Our class has a particular interest in outer space so maybe you could write a report on the International Space Station or the first Moon Landing (scientific history) as two examples. However, you can choose your scientific topic of interest. I have uploaded another example of report writing on the Padlet link. It is an information report on spiders.


  • New pronoun: ó-from
  • Learn off by heart. Write 3 times in your copy.


uaim-from me “wem

uait-from you “wet

uaidh-from him “why

uaithi-from her “weh-hee

uainn-from us “wen

uaibh-from you (pl) “wev

uathu-from them “wahoo

  • Recap the rules for the aimsir chaite (past tense) and the aimsir láithreach (present tense). Go over your previously learnt verbs.


For the last 3 weeks of school we are going to be recapping previous topics that we covered in the first term of 5th class to try and remember the different strategies you learned. This week’s topic is 'averages.'

Follow this link: https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources

Click Primary-> 5th class-> maths-> Busy at Maths-> Busy at Maths 5th Class

  • Topic: Weight: Page 20-22 Busy at Maths Online book

Watch tutorial 15 (for page 20)

Compete all questions you can do. Remember, to find the average of a set of numbers, you add them together and divide them by the number of numbers. For example:

Q: Find the average of 4 and 6.

You add: 4+6=10

Then divide by the number of numbers you added together (2): 10 divided by 2 =5. The average is 5.

  • Mental Maths: Complete 1 day per day.
  • Tables: Keep practicing all your tables. Try and get quicker at answering your tables. Set yourself speed targets.

If you do different maths to the rest of the class, you can also recap this topic as you would have covered this with us at the beginning of the year. Just do your best!


  • History: Finish your project on the Suffragettes. All information is still on last week’s Padlet.

Art: Outdoor Art: over the month of June you can try out one or two of the different outdoor art options on the Padlet link. If you have access to a printer you can print it out and colour in each activity you do. Enjoy!

Drama: Continue learning your lines for the musical. Try one of these fun scripts with anyone at home! http://www.teachingheart.net/readerstheater.htm


Go Noodle: parents/guardians can sign up for Go Noodle for free here. It has a range of workout videos, yoga, mindfulness and lots more. It is very important that we stay as active as we can during these strange times. Hopefully this link helps with that! https://www.gonoodle.com/good-energy-at-home-kids-games-and-videos/

Try out our virtual sports day on the following Padlet. Find your class group and try out as many or as few as you would like! You will find all activities using the following link: https://padlet.com/MsDuignanMsHannigan/quafmh5ra0b8d2c0

Well done to all of you for all the work you are doing at home. You should be very proud of yourselves!

Stay safe and well,

Ms Kane.

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Co. Dublin,

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