3rd Class Ms. Dunne/Mr. O' Connor 18th-29th May


Hi everyone,

The file was too big so I've had to remove the powerpoints from the plan. I will try and find a new way to upload them as soon as I can.

If you have signed up to the free twinkl membership I will put the titles of the powerpoints below for you.

Telling the time five-minute intervals powerpoint version 1

Florence Nightingale powerpoint version 4

Victorian hospitals powerpoint

The carnival of the animals powerpoint version 5

Alternatively you could email me and I can try send them that way.

Here is the link to the next plan of work.

Homework 18th May to 29th May no powerpoints.docx

Updated link to "if you want to challenge yourself" padlet (the link in the plan didn't work)


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