2nd Class- Ms.Hannigan & Ms.Duignan- End of Year Letter


June 2020

To our wonderful second classes,

We find it hard to believe that we are already at the end of the school year. We only wish that we could have all been together to celebrate with you. We would like to thank you all so much for all your amazing work. We have felt so lucky each week to see your emails with all your wonderful pictures and news. We have really missed seeing you all each day and we really cannot wait until September so that we can see you all again in person.

You are such a talented group of pupils and we feel so incredibly lucky to have been your teachers this year! On that note we have some very exciting news for you all. During the year the word spread around the school about how amazing the two second classes were. Each day in the staff room we both had such a big smile on our faces any time anyone asked about you all! I think everyone wanted to be your teachers! Two very lucky teachers got some great news from Ms.Donegan.

The fabulous Ms.McCarthy will be taking on Ms Hannigan’s class in September and the amazing Mr.Connaire will be taking on Ms.Duignan’s class. You will have such a great time with your new teachers they are both so fantastic. We will really miss you all so much and we want to thank you all for being such an excellent group of pupils.

Each and every one of you is so unique and special to us and we hope that your summer is filled with so many new adventures and happy memories.

Thinking of you all and sending so many good wishes your way.

Warmest regards,

Miss Hannigan and Miss Duignan

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