2nd Class- Ms.Hannigan & Ms.Duignan 18-29th May


Hi everyone,

We hope that you all had a really lovely weekend. We continue to think of you all and we are so proud of all the wonderful work that you are doing. We have been so happy to receive lots of your emails this week and we love hearing about all of the extra curricular activities that you are all doing at home. Some people have been very busy painting, baking, gardening and even looking after pets. We love hearing all of your stories. It brings a huge smile to our faces when we hear all of this news. Thank you all so much for doing so much great work.

We are just uploading the work for the next two weeks. As always please remember that all activities are suggested only and we know that you are all doing your best to do what you can.

There is no pressure on you to complete all the work. A little bit of work each day really builds up and helps you keep to the school routine.

We linked some of our lessons with the RTE Home School Learning Hub so don't forget to stay tuned Monday - Friday between 11 and 12 pm.

Thinking of you all and keep up the amazing work!

Best wishes

Miss Hannigan and Miss Duignan

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