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To all the wonderful pupils in our class,

I cannot believe this is the last set of work we will be sending to you this year. Ms. Byrne and I have absolutely loved being your teachers and we are so sad that we won’t get to see you all again until September. Your new teacher for September is Ms. Hannigan. She is so excited to be your teacher as I am sure you are all so thrilled to hear this fantastic news. She is amazing and you will all have a lovely year to look forward to in 2nd class.

Ms. Byrne and I have been very busy writing your school reports. You can collect these reports from the school on Tuesday 16th June between 11am-12noon.

We wish you all an amazing summer break. I am sure you are all enjoying all this time spent with your family. We hope you are staying safe and getting some fresh air/outside play also. We have as usual set you lots of activities for the next fortnight however if you are unable to complete any/all of these do not worry at all. If you can do a little work over this time please read as much as you can and try to write a little every day too.

We have really enjoyed seeing pictures of your work and receiving emails from you all telling us what you have been doing. Please continue to send these to us at msbutlerandmsbyrne@gmail.com. We will reply to you also of course!

Sending our best wishes for lots of sunshine this summer and looking forward to seeing you all in September.

First Class Work 15th – 26th June


  • Comprehension: Read two comprehensions and answer the questions into your comprehension copy in full sentences. More comprehensions available on padlet if you have finished the ones, I sent home.
  • Spellings Revision: Revise spellings and complete any work not done in your spelling book.
    • How many words from The Basic Spelling Vocab List can you write down when someone calls them out for you? See padlet for the list of words.
  • Phonics: next 6 pages of book and complete book over the summer holidays.
  • Handwriting: next 6 pages of the Handwriting Book. If you are finished both books (big and small) try copying words and sentences into your learn to write copy. Make sure to start letters on the correct lines.
  • Oral Language:Rainbow Oral Language Programme – Unit 16 – School Sports Day. Link to this unit is on the Padlet.
    • Look at the interactive poster.
    • Play the interactive vocabulary games
    • What do these words mean?
      • Annual, competition, finishing line, obstacle course, neck and neck, champion, metres, three-legged race, tug of war, hula hoop, final
    • Learn Poem- School Sports
      • Our school sports are held in the field,

Each year in the month of June,

We have lots of competitions and races,

Last year I won the egg and spoon.

That meant I was simply the best,

I was champion of the school for a year,

But the sports are on again next week,

And there’s a very good egg and spoon racer in First Class, I hear.

Even though I practise and practise each day,

I run around the front garden and back,

I think I’m a bit slower this year,

So next week, I might change to the sack.

Or maybe I’ll try something new,

It’s good to have a choice just in case,

This year along with my friend Hugh,

I might run in the three-legged race.

  • Writing:Write about your favourite memories of being in First Class. I have included a ‘memories of the year’ worksheet on the padlet that you can use, or you can write your memories in your copy.
  • Book Review: Write a review of a book that you have read recently. I have included a sample and a blank book review template on the padlet. Feel free to use this or write your own in your copy. Include in you review:
  • The name of the book, the author, and the Illustrator
  • What is the book is about? / What happens in the story?
  • What is your favourite part?
  • Why you like the book? Think about the reasons why you like it. E.g. Does it have a good story? Do you like the pictures? Is it funny/exciting? Can you read all the words? Do you like ending?
  • Draw a picture of the book cover or your favourite part of the story
  • News Writing:Please write a piece of news into your English copy each week. There are lots of things you can write about for your news. Try writing about the weather and the activities you are doing at home.
  • Story Writing (see padlet):Write stories using the templates from story writing doc using the headings who? where? what was the problem? How was it solved? Ending to your story. There are pictures there to help you with ideas for stories or feel free to just write you own. Try your best to spell these stories without asking for help and don’t forget to email the pictures so we can see how you are getting on. You can write these in your English copy or print the sheet from the padlet.
  • There are some story setting sheets on the padlet with vocabulary for each setting to help you write your story.
  • Vocabulary Work (see Padlet): Try some of vocabulary work (Context Clues and cloze procedure worksheets) on the padlet.
  • Reading: Read online graded readers (oxfordowl.co.uk- link on Padlet). Keep listening to stories also.
  • Sight Word Revision: Read and revise Dolch words and Fry list words from the padlet
  • Challenge:Try putting the Dolch words into sentences and write them in your copy. Can you spell these words? Try spelling them using the look, say, cover, write and check method.


  • Bua Na Cainte: Revise work and complete any work not done in your book.
  • See Padlet for link on how to download the Bua na Cainte programme so children can play the games, sing the songs and learn poems too!
  • They are welcome to revise all previous chapters also


Subtraction – Busy at Maths – pages 155-157

  • Subtracting of a one-digit number from a two-digit number and two-digit number from a two-digit number without renaming within 99
  • CJ Fallon online Tutorials 21, 22A, 22B
  • CJ Fallon online activities 155A, 156A, 157A

Time – Busy at Maths pages 158 - 161

  • Read time in hours and half-hour intervals
  • Use the vocabulary of time to sequence events
  • Recognise the days of the week
  • Record time using simple devices
  • CJ Fallon online activities 158A, 159A, 160A, 161A

Revision – Busy at Maths - Pages 162 - 164

  • Add a two-digit number to a two-digit number with and without regrouping
  • Subtract a one-digit number from a two-digit number without renaming
  • Subtract a two-digit number from a two-digit number without renaming
  • Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of a two-digit number to/from a two-digit number.
  • Complete a Maths trail
  • CJ Fallon online activities 162, 162A, 163A, 164A

Oral Work:Continue to revise skip counting. Counting in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s to 50. Challenge – See how far you can count to using skip counting. Can you count backwords using skip counting?


  • Addition and subtraction within 20
  • Money up to 50c
  • Capacity 1l – filling containers, full/nearly full/empty/nearly empty
  • Measuring – weights more/less/same as

Maths games:Play some Maths games. There are many online Maths games listed on the Padlet (e.g. www.topmarks.co.uk www.ixl.com )



  • Small World:Pages 94, 95 Temperature
  • Challenge: Design and make your own thermometer using pictures or words.
  • Small World: Page 96 Sounds All Around Us.
  • Challenge:
  • Write a sentence about a low sound and a high sound made by animals.
  • Try going on a sound hunt and write down all the sounds you hear (e.g. birds singing, people talking, cars, tv).


  • Small World:Page 91 The Land Around Us
  • Challenge:
  • Draw a picture of and write the name of a landform
  • Can you name any landforms in Ireland? Make a list of them. (e.g. Can you name any headlands, lakes, sea, islands, rivers in Ireland)


  • Small World: Page 92, 93 Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • Challenge: Can you write some short words in your project copy using Hieroglyphics? Use the Hieroglyphics pictures on page 93 of your book to help you. For an extra challenge you could try writing a sentence in Hieroglyphics and see if someone in your family can crack the code!


  • Design and make a Father’s Day card (Father’s Day is on 21stJune)
  • Design and decorate a bookmark with your name in Hieroglyphics. See Padlet for ideas.
  • Create a summer picture of boats at sea using recycled materials (See boats at sea Recycled Art Project on the Padlet)
  • Try some outdoor art activities listed on the Padlet.
  • Summer colourings and craft ideas available on the Padlet.


  • Water Safety at the beach.
  • List at least 5 important rules to stay safe at the beach into your copy. (See Padlet for PAWS Water safety lesson book and games)


  • Song Singing– Links on the Padlet to the song ‘Coordination Funk!’. Learn the words and sing along.


  • As we are not in school to enjoy our sports day this year why not try your own virtual sports day at home. There are lots of sport day at home activities listed on the Padlet.
  • To keep fit and healthy while we are all at home try to exercise at least once a day. There are lots of things you could try like movement and guided dance on gonoodle or follow PE lessons online (e.g. links to PE with Joe on the Padlet.) Play games in your garden or cycle your bike.

Extra Work Ideas:

  • I have made a Padlet for you with links to extra work, resources and ideas. I have also added a link to Ms. Malones 1stclass padlet for even more ideas of things to do! Don’t worry if you want to complete a worksheet from the padlet and don’t have a printer. You can write the work into your own copy.

https://padlet.com/aoibheannmalone/mk07vgsylvqm (Ms. Malone’s Padlet)

https://padlet.com/vickimorgan1/qsdl0evkczg5 (Ms. Butler’s Padlet)

Please do not worry if you are not able to complete all of this work!

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